New LOL Surprise Confetti Pop Series 3 and where to get them

New LOL Surprise Confetti Pop Series 3 and where to get them

New LOL Surprise Confetti Pop Series 3 reviewed

today we’re opening the highly anticipated lol surprise confetti pop . So excited and these are from the series 3 and with the new lol surprise confetti pops we get a total of nine layers to open as the other lol dolls are only 7 layers.Their prices are more than the other series because of the more stuff you get inside every surprise pop.I really love the packaging of a little confetti and I am super duper excited to open them.

So Where do you buy LOL surprise confetti Pop Balls?

A lot of people are having a hard time finding these balls i know i have. my daughter has been bugging me for the Confetti pop balls since she seen them on youtube in early december. Since we live in canada none of the stores have them yet as they are not released yet. I was lucky enough to find a seller on that shipped international,so if you live in canada and your kids are bugging you for these new lol surprise confetti pops this is one option for you. You can check here for a international seller on


So what do you get Inside The lol Surprise Confetti pop series?

so let’s see what comes in the nine surprises ,so we get our secret message like before the stickers to use for the collector’s guide we get some shoes and outfits a baby bottle another cool accessory a little finger tattoo. Like the fist balls the confetti surprise and our baby doll I got my ice and warm water ready so we can see what special ability each doll has. Let’s get started and I hear that some dolls can actually change with the warmth of your hand. So I am very excited to find out and our secret message is Sun and lips Sunkist of course and they don’t have any pictures of the lol dolls on this packaging just a bunch of confetti and of course the olive oil confetti logo. Let’s see our next layer but here are the stickers and now we have a little question mark in the middle that we didn’t have before so I’m excited to find out what that actually means and let’s see our next layer and here we have this little tattoo and it’s a little pink sea snail it’s so pretty I love the turquoise and the pink combination and our first ball is pink and around we have some instructions on how to open up this lol surprise confetti pop so we’re gonna start here by taking off the sticker opening up and taking out each surprise then pulling the string to release the confetti and of course our doll and looks completely different I love a little pattern let’s take off this little arrow sticker and open up this little secret compartment and here we have a pair of sunglasses and their little hearts how cute let’s spin the wheel and open up the next compartment we went like how it has all different colors let’s get the pink but when here we have the little strainer what we use in that linger and we have a pair of pink shoes  all the bottle it’s like a little soda can it’s green it says pop with a blue label how cute I love this little style of bottle they definitely made a lot of cool changes okay we need an outfit how we have a little bathing suit it’s a two-piece I love that green zipper and I like how I came the little plastic thing like the big surprise it’s much easier to display your dolls outfits so cute now it’s time to get the confetti pop out I’m very excited so we’re just going to pull basically I hope I’m gonna do it right the first time one two and and we got some pink and dark pink and funny all right checklist a little handle for our surprise ball very cute I want to take a look at the checklist because there’s two new categories I’m very excited about so there’s a total of 21 LOL surprise confetti pop and wave one and I’m super excited for the sleepover club I hope I can get the baby doll and also the new category which is stem club they look really cute and very cutie is the baby on the packaging so let’s see who our first LOL surprises oh my goodness she’s so cute and she’s doing like a split her name is a riptide she’s a popular baby from the Swim Club so can I love her little Mole here and her brown wavy curly hair  and how cute does she look she’s got her little bottle here and now it’s time to dip her in the icy cold water and I don’t see any color change but I can tell that she does spit yep no change here and just to be safe I’ll dunk her into the warm water and I checked a couple times and she does not color change however she does spit so let’s put a little sticker on our collectors guide  let’s open up the next elavil confetti pop and our secret message is Chitty Wok kitty dance cat dance catwalk so cute and this can be a little bit hard to open sometimes you guys we got a gold boy on the second try that’s awesome and that’s if you have our stickers here I’ll just start excited let’s look at the tattoo and we have a little perfume bottle let’s see let’s see and we have a pair of glasses Oh a super cute outfit it’s like a little tuxedo a black-and-white tuxedo we have the string here and a pair of shoes are red with black bows and white socks a baby bottle and we’re ready to make it pop Wow and the confetti here is black and gold although it didn’t come with much confetti look how pretty and it came the zipper strap and we can put it on the side and then we can carry our ball wherever we go and let’s think what the baby’s gonna be we got black-tie and she’s an ultra-rare baby so exciting from the glam club now she’s supposed to color change and I can see it by just rubbing her hair with the warmth of my hands I see a turning pink oh she’s so cute let’s see how this works so let’s dunk her into the icy cold water first wow you guys she completely changes she’s got little black boots blue pins a black outfit blue gloves she kind of looks like a superhero and she’s got a mask on and her hair got completely dark that is amazing this is like a full color change huh oh and she’s got some bubbles in her mouth so she must be like spitting or something let’s put her in warm water and see the other changes so let’s just get her in and wow you guys look at this amazing change so her hair is completely pink and she’s got this cute like bathing suit on it’s green so pretty it is a complete extreme change I love the hair to side on the side so so cute let’s do it one more time [Music] and this baby spits and as I took her out she is changing color again her green outfit is turning black and her hair is starting to get some spots let’s get her all dressed up [Music] oh my goodness she is too cute our secret message is pumping iron here is our cue tattoo it’s a little pink soccer ball we got a black pacifier a black and gold bottle it’s super cute outfit gold and black let’s see let’s see and some gold shoes now we can pop open and the surprise oh and this one had yellow confetti so cute let’s see who we’ve got oh my goodness look how adorable she’s doing a split we got touched down from the Athletics Club I love her pink hair and of course her little like green marks on her face like an athlete and a little tight she’s from the Athletic Club and she is a fancy baby let’s see issue a color change oh it doesn’t look like it but this baby spits let’s dress her up oh my goodness she is just too cute let’s see our next lol confetti pop and our secret message is rocket science  alright a2 is a little remote looks like a gaming remote and we got a little cell phone it looks like our babies play some sort of video game looks like a little town there oh we got a really cute outfit all this is the baby that’s on the package of the LOL confetti pops  we have some turquoise shoes a [Music] super-cute soda can bottle love the combination of the colors oh this one had hot pink confetti so pretty and we got two backs inside of this ll oh we have a really cool pair of virtual glasses I think these are like to play video games and stuff love the pixelated hearts and we got VR QT you guys from the stem Club oh my goodness how cute is she I love her hair and I don’t see her changing any color with the warmth of my hand I love the two shades of pink and the low hair clips  no color change she is super super cute let’s give her her bottle oh my goodness the water just come out of her ear I didn’t even know that was an option that’s so funny and she looks like a little robot with these glasses I’m not sure what sticker to choose since the water came out of her ears and she wasn’t a color changer maybe we’ll put the question mark next elavil surprise oh we have another catwalk I wonder if it will be a duplicate since we already got that message I don’t think it will be though cuz a ball here is yellow and our last ball was gold same kind of tattoo that of the little bottle of perfume and we have a pink pacifier a pink and gold bottle oh and some little pink shoes and they have like a little high heel and a little opening is called a peep toe so cute and look at this beautiful pink dress I love the three shades of pink and all the ruffles of course let’s make it pop we have two little baggies here oh we have a little headband it has a feather so adorable and let’s meet our baby doll oh my goodness how cute is she she’s got a little Mole a little beauty mark she is show baby from the Glen Club she’s a popular baby love the pink gloves and if you can see she’s got like some golden fishnet stockings I don’t know if you can see it on camera but it is so adorable let’s dunk it in some cold water oh and I thought she would change a tiny bit but nope no color change here and this baby cries let’s dress her up she is absolutely adorable next lol confetti pop and our seeker message is rain or shine oh what a cute ring it has a black heart and this ball is yellow as well we got a little pacifier look how beautiful this bottle is it’s kind of like an ombre color it’s got pink fading too blue I’ve never seen a bottle like this before a pair of yellow rollerskates let’s see let’s see and look at this outfit she’s got a little tank top with some like rainbow colors some shorts and a yellow belt Wow  and we have a yellow headband and here is our little cute baby oh she came flipped around there we go and we got dawn from the opposites club she’s also a popular baby let’s put her in some icy water wow you guys look at her bathing suit she’s kind of got like a dark a lipstick on and her hair change as well so cool let’s look on her back and see there’s anything special there oh it just kind of has like a little flower tattoo on her back like a rose that’s so cool and let’s put her back in the warm and it just goes back to normal so no other change there by far the color-changing dolls are always my favorite and this baby spits let’s dress her up [Music] she looks absolutely adorable oh we have another of the sunkissed message we got the in a previous doll already right there and this is a light pink fall we haven’t gotten one of these before oh we have a little C shop tattoo just like our first dog oh we got the cutest shoes ever their little white sandals with like a wedge bottom so we definitely don’t have a duplicate cuz we had a different pair of shoes in our previous doll and look at her white bathing suit how cute it’s like full of ruffles we got a white bottle with a block lid and a pair of sunglasses oh my goodness we got fake a baby how cute is she I love her hair and she’s got all these tiny little freckles how sweet she kind of reminds me of Princess Anna from frozen I love her let’s put her in some icy water oh and it doesn’t seem like there’s any color change  but she also has the water coming out of her ears that’s so funny and we have one more ball you guys but first let’s get our baby dressed and this one baby is ready to go on vacation let’s your in-laws elavil confetti pop and our message is clean of the castle that’s a new message for us you guys would get another gold ball this never happens to in the same video so cool here’s our stickers I can’t wait to see you Alfie look at this beautiful tattoo it is gold a gold crown have we got a pair of black shoes with white socks and look at this glittery outfit we have a baby from the glitterati Club I love this so much it’s actually two pieces and here is the bottle of course full of sparkles and we got a necklace let’s pop open our confetti pop and this one had a lot more confetti than the previous full ball you guys look how cute she has little white gloves and we got Madame Queen she is a rare elavil surprise from the glitterati Club Suns we know she’s had a color changer let’s change her clothes and give her her bottle  my goodness you guys she looks so amazing she kind of has like a really loyal retro vibe love her hair her headband she might be one of my favorite ones this far from the glitterati and let’s see what she does oh and she pees I was definitely not expecting that  and you can actually put all the confetti back into the falls and pop them over and over again well you guys I hope you enjoyed today’s video I want to know what you think about the lol surprise confetti pops where they all they were hyped up to be let me know down in the comments you can also tell me your favorite elbow surprise from today’s video [Music] and give it a big thumbs up if you want more lol surprise confetti pops.

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